How To Find Out If Your Cisco Gear Needs Fixing

Cisco this week revealed that a defective memory chip was causing issues in some of its networking products, and pledged to provide free updates to customers even if their equipment was out of warranty. Here's how to check if you're using potentially affected gear.

Cisco has said that the issue affects a large amount of equipment sold between 2005 and 2012. It has known about the issue since 2010, but it become publicised this week because Cisco has decided to take a $US665 million charge so it can fix the problem on all shipped product.

The full list can be found on this page. If you use anything on that list, hit up the Cisco Technical Assistance Centre and ask for a fix.


    defective hardware for a corporate environment is one thing, but some of this enterprise gear is very $$
    Luckily enough since i work for a Gold partner, we have pretty quick response to issues such as this, but luckily we havnt encountered anything... yet
    but i will keep my ear open as i deal with millions of dollars worth of cisco gear on a daily basis


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