Half Of Google's Australian Staff Are Engineers

Here's a heartening thought: by the end of 2014, Google expects to have more than 1000 employees in Australia. Half of them will be working in engineering.

Damian Kassabgi, public policy manager at Google Australia, disclosed the figure at the Australia Digital Alliance copyright summit last week. "By the end of this year, there should be about 1000 employees working in Australia, 50 per cent of which are engineers," he said. Vacancies ahoy!

Google is generally reckoned to be a good employer and offers lots of perks in its Sydney office (though the generous death benefit it pays in the US doesn't extend to Australia). The interview process is hyper-competitive, but if you have the right skills (Python is definitely a good idea) the option is apparently there.


    Does this surprise you? What did you expect them to be - biologists?

      In most locations, it would be dominated by sales and marketing, not dev.

    the link to the death benefits in the US points back to this article. Should maybe be http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2012/08/google-keeps-paying-staff-after-they-die/

    Well yeah but... do I get to meet Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson?

    Hey Angus, the link to the "Australia Digital Alliance copyright summit last week" points to the same page as the death benefit link. Is there an actual link to the source of the Damian Kassabgi quote?

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