Extreme Commuting: Mindaribba Station (Woah, This Place Is Tiny)

During Lifehacker's recent Extreme Commuting experiment, I was utterly fascinated by what we might call femto-stations — stations so small you can only access them from a single train door. And so I decided to spend a whole Saturday travelling to one of them just so I could video it. This is an exhaustive tour of Mindaribba Station.

Mindaribba isn't the only station this small within the Sydney network: Hilldale, Wallarobba and Wirragulla on the Dungog line are similarly tiny. Wondabyne on the Central Coast line is perhaps the best-known example, though it actually has two platforms. (Wondabyne's unique claim to fame is that it isn't accessible by road for cars: you have to walk or take a boat if you don't take the train.)

This is definitely a case where the pictures tell the story, so check out the video.


    No offense but I think you wasted a Saturday lol, there's nothing interesting out in the wop wops and this video proves it.

    Just out of curiosity how long was it until the next train back?

      I'll assume you meant "no offence". :)

      Two hours between when the train dropped me and picked me up again.

        Hahah yeah, "no offence" would work too :D

        Two hours! 0_o the video itself was only a few minutes long, that must of been a long wait! I can't imagine they would even have 3G even in a place like that, must've been torture lol

        And then imagine if you had missed that train lol

    I love it how there is a pole prime and ready for an Opal Card reader at the platform - which I guess explains the microwave dish next to the platform.

      I think the dish predates Opal plans, but it certainly can't hurt.

    This is what the original station used to look like http://www.nswrail.net/locations/photo.php?name=NSW:Mindaribba:1.

    Its a bit disappointing that these stations have now awning or weather protection that would not be hard to provide would it?

    Edit! and Wondabyne Station is probably my favorite on the network http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wondabyne_railway_station

    Last edited 27/02/14 10:58 am

    Lets not forget Zig Zag, at the absolute ass end of the network.

    Apparently during WW1 unused Mustard Gas was stored and forgotten in the old Zig Zag Railway tunnels by the British Army. Urban legend maybe, but fun little story.

    I've never seen this station (and my partner has never seen it even though they look after it ).

    Thanks to that person who provided the photo of the original station. What a cutie it was with its own water tank and loo and a place to keep out of the sun... sob..

    In the old days of DERMs there was Langwarren just before Baxter on the Stony Point/Mornington line which had a low level platform and no building and Tarrawarra on the Healesville line.
    There were a number of Rail Motor Stopping Places or (RMSP) mainly for the school trains, some had no platform at all.
    The Moorooduc tourist railway on the former Mornington line now terminates at the former RMSP 16 on the Nepean Highway at Mornington because the original Mornington station site is a shopping centre.

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