De-Wrinkle Clothes With A Hairdryer (And Other Fashion Tricks)

De-Wrinkle Clothes with a Hair Dryer (and Other Fashion Tricks)

In a roundup of weird insider fashion tips, Elle reports you might not need an iron or clothes steamer to get creases out. Just use your hairdryer as a steamer.

Picture: DieselDemon

Just hang your shirt or other garment up, aim and blow dry. WikiHow notes, however, that this trick works best on cotton fabrics.

Another neat tip from Elle: Rub moisturiser into leather to get the scratches out. Click the link below for more fashion hacks.

10 Weird Fashion Tips Only Insiders Know [Elle]


    God I hate ironing.. If this works well, then why can we not just invent like, a thing you put your clothes in in the morning and it just makes them wrinkle free. Gah.

    Cross references this tip to the tip from last week suggesting you can also use your hairdryer to keep your womanly-nether-regions yeast free.

    Hairdryers: Fast becoming more useful than Sugru.

    This is easiest way to dry you clothes very fastly.I think none of us ever thought to use an hairdryer in this manner.
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