Comprehensively Scan Active Programs For Malware With CrowdInspect

It used to be tracking down malicious programs was a simple matter of firing up Task Manager, looking for any unusual processes and cleaning them out manually. These days, viruses and Trojans are not only more sophisticated, but creative in hiding their presence. CrowdInspect is one tool that can make it easier to identifying nefarious apps, using a variety of scanning APIs.

As Martin Brinkmann explains over on gHacks, CrowdInspect is not an all-in-one program — if you want to remove troublesome applications or potential malware properly, you'll need to grab options such as HijackThis, Spybot or similar. However, if you want a tool that employs a number of services to scan and rank potential threats, CrowdInspect delivers.

Along with VirusTotal, processes are checked against the Web of Trust and the malware hash database provided by Team Cymru Research. The results are then presented in an easy-to-understand listview, with green, yellow and red circles representing various — perceived — danger levels.

CrowdInspect [CrowdStrike, via gHacks]


    I think it's amusing the program itself gets 50% on Web Of Trust

    I suggest you read this:

      As much as I don't disagree with that article - that person's experience is based solely on one clearly issued user. If he were to have reported him officially and there was no resolution (their results are still poor) then that should be added to the story.

      In the end of the day though they simply say they have "complex algorithms" to detect such abuse.. Clearly not complex enough heh.

    Linux = 99% of problems solved.

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