Chromebox For Meetings Is Coming To Australia, But Not Just Yet

The newly-announced Chromebox For Meetings is what you'd expect from the name: a computer powered by ChromeOS and designed to be used in meeting rooms to host Google+ Hangouts. Right now it's a US-only product, but Google has said an Australian launch is planned later this year.

The Asus-branded Chromebox is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor, which Google says is grunty enough to handle up to 15 simultaneous participants. As well as selling you the hardware, Google is charging an annual "management and support fee" of $US250.

The $US999 starter bundle includes the Chromebox itself, an HD camera, a combo microphone/speaker and a remote control. The announcement posts says it will be on sale in Australia "later this year"; supermarket giant Woolworths has been one of the beta testers.

A quick back-of-the-envelope calculation suggests the starter kit is likely to cost around $1299 when it launches. Dell is also working on a Chromebox design, but hasn't announced pricing or launch date.

Chromebox, now for simpler and better meetings


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