Briefly: Shark Surfing, New Godzilla Movie Trailer, 50% Off Domino's Wagyu Pizzas

Brief news items for Lifehacker readers including: Pokemon pop music, the latest Godzilla movie trailer, astonishing footage of a diver swimming on top of a great white shark.

  • Hooray! Google has brought back the option in Google Maps to right-click anywhere for quick directions or the latitude and longitude (in the What's here? option). [Google Maps on Twitter]
  • Domino's customers can pick up a premium Wagyu pizza today for just $9.95; a saving of $10. You can check out our Taste Test verdict here. The deal is available today only and requires the code '09459'.
  • Ocean Ramsey is a shark conservationist and surfer who recently took a ride on the fin of a mammoth great white shark. Click here to see the amazing footage.
  • Hollywood is making another Godzilla movie, starring Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame. Here's the latest trailer.
  • 2013 was a good year for pop music and it was a good year for Pokemon. So why not combine Pokemon with pop music to create a medley that will define the ages?


    I normally don't like to post negative comments, but what the hell? You can't say look at The amazing forage and then link to a 3 min political rant. Not cool.

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