Briefly: Hunger Science, Titanfall 101, Bill Nye Vs. Climate Change Denier

Briefly: Hunger Science, Titanfall 101, Bill Nye Vs. Climate Change Denier

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: seven reasons you’re always hungry, the hype behind Titanfall explained, Bill Nye takes on Republican congresswoman about climate change.

  • Is sushi actually healthy for you? Not if you favour certain rolls, which can contain up to 200 calories and over 1000mg of sodium. Head to PopSugar Health & Fitness for a nutrition breakdown of popular sushi dishes.
  • On a recent Meet The Press episode, Bill Nye the Science Guy took on Republican congresswoman Marsha Blackburn in a debate about climate change. As Bill points out, you don’t need a PhD in climate science to understand what’s going on. Bless.
  • Apparently, running on a treadmill is a great way to get a perky butt. Here are three techniques tailor-made for firmer buttocks.
  • In other health news, here are 10 protein-packed lunches to increase your calorie burn.
  • If you haven’t played Titanfall yourself yet, you may be wondering what the fuss is all about. This Kotaku article attempts to explain the hype.


  • Jesus christ, those sushi photos made me hungry. It’s hard to care about your sodium intake when you’ve got a glistening and neatly wrapped hunk of raw salmon staring you in the face 😛

    • The only thing that seemed to have a crazy amount of sodium was the soy sauce. Well duh!

      Adequate intake is 500-1000 approx but the upper limit safe amount is 2400mg. If you don’t have hypertension and a naturally high sodium diet (like me) then you can pretty much go to town on most of those items.

      Even those who need to moderate their sodium intake can eat most of those options.

  • Pretty much every one of those so called sushi aren’t really sushi at all, They are just what the gaijin call sushi.

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