Apple’s Security Issue Reminds Us Why Windows XP Is About To Get Ugly

Apple’s recently-patched security flaw spanned both iOS and Mac OS X. Oddly enough, it also serves as a reminder of why we’re likely to see some major nastiness once support for Windows XP finally ends in April.

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As Paul Ducklin points out on Sophos’ Naked Security blog, identifying the presence of the vulnerability in Mac OS X was much easier once we knew it existed in iOS. The same will be true when new flaws are revealed in current Windows versions: the chances are that many of those will also exist in Windows XP. The difference is XP will never be fixed, making it an attractive target for miscreants:

This is the same sort of problem that will plague Windows XP when XP’s final security patch is shippped in April 2014. Patches for Windows 7 and Windows 8 might lead researchers to an identical but unpatched bug in Windows XP. Unlike in this case, where OS X “caught up” within a few days, Windows XP will never catch up — in fact, it will be behind for ever.

The bottom line? Windows XP has to go — from both business and personal environments. And yet we can be sure there will still be plenty of holdouts come April.

Apple ships OS X 10.9.2 [Naked Security]

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