Android Support On TestFlight Will Stop In March

Apple's buyout of Burstly, developers of app testing platform TestFlight, is presumably good news for the founders. But it's not such good news for developers using the service for Android apps: that option will disappear in March 21.

This isn't a surprising development; cross-platform is rarely a word in Apple's vocabulary. Still, it's disappointing for developers who enjoyed using a tool that ran on both platforms.

TestFlight [via Business Insider]


    This isn’t a surprising development; cross-platform is rarely a word in Apple’s vocabulary.

    I don't thank Apple even acknowledges the term cross-platform: it goes against the mantra Steve Jobs used throughout his time at Apple.

    Just use iTunes on both Mac and Windows. There is a clear difference between the stability of the two.

    And just a note: I use both Windows and Mac OS X as well as Unix and Linux. I don't have a single preferred OS.

    Strikes me as anti-competitive behavior really.... :\

    And very very petty. No wonder Apple is going down the drain.

    No worries! You should try
    It offers much more than TestFlight and with multi-platform support.
    Not only build distribution and crash report but also full bug reporting system from within the app itself with edited screenshot while on-the-go.
    It gives you management tools to control the build/team/devices so you can manage internal as well as external team members. Lastly – it offers on-demand, professional testers for hire. Check it out at

    We use Ubertesters platform to organize our mobile testing process and it has literally everything that is necessary for the efficient testing process management, so TF is good, but if you need more than just build distribution and crash reports, you should try Ubertesters. Now, actually it is the right time to try especially for Android developers and for those who do not want to hop from one system to another aiming at managing different mobile platforms :)

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