Add VMware To Your Chromebook To Launch Windows Apps

Chromebooks are cheap, flexible and effective — but they can't run Windows apps. Now Google says it is working with VMware to introduce a Chrome Web Store app that will allow Windows apps to run on Chromebooks within a virtualised environment.

A blog post by Chrome director of product management Rajen Sheth notes that it's already possible to run Windows apps within a Chromebook environment by using VMware's Horizon View technology.

Specifically, you can use the VMware Horizon DaaS (desktop as a service) option to access virtualised Windows desktops. But that process should become even easier later this year, Sheth writes:

Users will be able to access their Windows applications, data and desktops using VMware’s Blast HTML5 technology to their Chromebook. This technology is available now by bringing together VMware Horizon View 5.3 and Chromebooks as an on-premise service and will be available soon as an application that can be installed from the Chrome Web Store.

Being able to install an app would make the process much simpler, though you'll still need a paying subscription from a DaaS provider.

VMWare to Bring Traditional Windows Apps and Desktops to Chromebooks [Google Official Enterprise Blog]


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