Would You Purchase A Phablet?

Would You Purchase A Phablet?

‘Phablet’ is an ugly word, but oversized phones/undersized tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Note are proving popular. According to Juniper Research, 20 million phablets sold in 2013, and that number could rise sixfold by 2018.

Phablets are easier for reading large amounts of text and offer impressive battery life, but they’re not as portable as ‘standard’ sized phones. Still, we’re wondering:

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  • I’ll probably look into it for my next phone purchase, though my s3 still works okay (though the earphone port is kind of busted).

    That said, I probably don’t use my phone all that much outside aside the rare call or sms. Sometimes I’l use it to look up things on the internet and whilst i have games installed I haven’t really played as much as say my iPad or 3DS

  • This could be complete coincidence, but I’ve only seen about half a dozen people with a Note in public. I’m not exaggerating when I say that every single time it has been an Asian woman. Is that just me or has anyone else seen the same thing?

    • It’s not surprising. The Note is very popular in Asia (Singapore, HK, Malaysia) with women since it’s easier to put in their handbags. However men prefer something smaller that they can put in their trouser pocket – although there are exceptions with the proliferation of handbags carried by Asian men (check it out – the Singapore Takashimaya department store’s men’s handbag section is just as big as the women’s handbag section). The other thing is that the Note is good for videos – just take a ride on public transport in Singapore or HK to see that everyone is head down watching a video of some Chinese drama show.

      Samsung’s Note and S3/S4 is so popular in HK and Singapore it’s only a few months away from being unfashionable.

  • Not unless someone comes up with a better name than ‘phablet’. But, really, they are just too big to be taken seriously as a phone.

  • Outside of calls, the most common use of my phone is for the kindle app (haven’t bothered to buy one since my got broken during a move), so the big screen would be a plus for me on that front. Would need to check comfort on a call though. Last time I had a Note against my head it did feel a little odd.

  • what a stupid name, it is a computer with phone function, same as all smartphone, it is just a bigger one.

  • The main reason I have an iphone is that it is small and can sit parallel with my wallet in my pocket rather than stack.

    I do not need a screen over a certain size as when I’m at home I use a tablet or a laptop.

  • I recently upgraded to a Galaxy Note 3 and after 2-3 days it ceased feeling too big. I enjoy the screen space for reading text, webpages, games, movies (netflix at home is awesome) and a keyboard that is greater in size for my man hands. I still get comments on size when I whip it out but I think it is perfect.
    It still fits in most of my pockets, but there are one pair of jeans I own where it jabs into my gut when I sit down. No biggie.
    AND I NEVER CALL IT A PHABLET. What a loserish name. Its a smart phone, deal with it.

  • I have a Galaxy Note 2, and 5.5 inches is my new minimum.

    Seriously, I often look back at my old iPhone 3GS and wonder how I ever used it. Everything is just so small.

  • I used a BlackBerry Q10 which probably has the smallest smartphone screen. I like the fairly compact size, design, operating system etc but my main reason for sticking with it is the physical keyboard & it’s multitude of advantages. If I was going to go touchscreen I’d probably go something phablety as it would be good for traveling not needing a separate tablet or laptop.

  • Yeah, i have a Galaxy Note 2 – i always get comments as well about “How bigs your phone?”, but as some people have mentioned above, it fits in 98 % of my pockets, its got great screen real estate for a variety of functions. i do a lot of comic reading, web browsing and note taking. i think the minimum i would go on my next phone would probably be 5inches. id love to see the next iteration of samsungs high end phones. like the S5 and down the track the Note 4 (if it exists).
    no complaints from this Phablet user (and i dont even mind the term Phablet, makes most people smile when i say it).

  • Not really interested in them. Too big for a phone, too small for a tablet. Personally I wouldn’t want one that I couldn’t use one-handed. I have to say that sometimes when I see guys doing the “hover and peck” manoeuvre on their phone it looks a bit effeminate.

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