With The Right Display, You Can Install NVIDIA's G-SYNC With This DIY Kit

You may have heard of "G-SYNC", NVIDIA's hardware and software-based solution to the phenomenon of screen tearing in PC games. While NVIDIA plans to partner with manufacturers to build this technology directly into displays, it is possible to grab a DIY kit from NVIDIA and install the gear yourself.

Unfortunately, the kit is only compatible with one monitor, ASUS' VG248QE, which severely limits the number of people that can take advantage of NVIDIA's G-SYNC tech. That said, the video is interesting from a purely technical point-of-view, as we get to see exactly how G-SYNC is implemented. I for one am surprised at the size of the G-SYNC board — it seems quite chunky for the functionality it provides.

Hopefully NVIDIA will provide display builders with the specifications they need to create their own upgrade kits, saving those of us who are happy with our current monitors the option of using G-SYNC without shelling out for new gear.

If you'd like the guide in document form, a PDF is available via NVIDIA.

G-SYNC Do-It-Yourself Kit [GeForce]


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