What Do You Do While You Watch TV?

What Do You Do While You Watch TV?

We all enjoy a little down time and for many of us, that means catching up with our favourite TV shows. But just because you're watching TV doesn't mean you can't get some other things done, too. What do you do in front of the box?

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Some shows are the kind you want to actively watch. Others are just there, on your screen because sometimes it's nice to just chill a bit. And it's easy to throw other activities into the mix, whether it's your hobbies or catching up on email or your social networks. But we'd like to hear from you. What do you do while you watch TV?


    Generally, I have the iPhone or iPad in hand looking up stuff on the net, looking for new apps, facebook, emails etc etc

    The only thing I actually sit down to watch, is shows I've recorded, so generally,.. when I sit down to watch TV, I've sat down to actually watch TV...! :)

      I sit down to watch TV with the express purpose of watching TV. But, I also do muscle ups. Lots of muscle ups.


      These days I really only sit in front of the box when I've got something recorded or a DVD set I want to watch and then it's usually something I really want to watch so I watch it.. My iPad is usually nearby in case I want to look something up that's relevant to the show but I don't tend to noodle around on it.

        Same as above I watch TV to watch TV. Only other thing I may do is hop on the exercise bike.

    errrrr whats a TV?
    I remember this ugly box some 12 years ago that use to clutter my Lounge. I killed it because it was so boring.
    I NOW JUST PLAY PC GAMES AND i GET "entertained"

    I watch TV.

    I take issue with the fact that our attentions are so divided these days that we can't just actually concentrate on one thing any more. We have to be folding the laundry or checking our social media, or ... whatever it is people are doing while watching TV. Just watch the damn show!

    In the extremely rare occurrence of the tv being set to "antenna", Im usually playing something on the laptop.

    Our tv is primarily used for gaming/streaming. If I'm streaming something then I'm usually interested enough to actually watch it!

    Read my RSS feed (Lifehacker etc.), fall asleep...

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