What Are Australian Men Hiding On Their Phones? [Infographic]

What Are Australian Men Hiding On Their Phones? [Infographic]

The ‘Connected Man’ survey from AVG Technologies attempts to shed light on the impact of connected devices on the lifestyles of Australian males. Interestingly, among the findings was the revelation that men are nearly three times more likely than women to have content on their phones that they wouldn’t show their children. We wonder what they’re hiding?

The AVG Connected Lifestyle report surveyed 1098 men from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands along with 598 women with a focus on how connected devices affect their everyday lives. The survey found that women were more likely to read their partner’s emails or tech messages compared to men (25 per cent vs. 17 per cent). However, men were 2.5 times more likely than their partners to have content on their phones they wouldn’t allow their children to see.

Interestingly, the survey found that single men are more likely to use Facebook and Twitter to find out more about their dates than their female counterparts (35 per cent and 20 per cent, respectively). Personally, I suspect this may have more to do with checking out photos of their prospective squeeze than seeking out meaningful information. (Indeed, 45 per cent of Facebook trawlers didn’t even bother to look at their date’s “About” page.)

Predictably, 62 per cent said that their mobile devices made it harder to keep their home and work lives apart. 65 per cent reported that they considered security software to be the responsibility of their workplace for any BYO devices they used.

You can check out an infographic of the survey’s main findings below:

And now for the inevitable reader question: would you allow your child or the child of a relative to play with your tablet or smartphone? Is there anything on there that you wouldn’t want them to see? Tell us in the comments.


  • Er… I fail at all to see why this is a “male” study… What were they thinking, that sexism prospers?

    • They were probably hoping to see more “use phone to cheat on wife” or “view porn”.

      Seriously though it probably has a good purpose, but the topics just seem random. Is it about work, male parenting, partners?

      • Yeah, but no one admits to that, even in a study… It’s also so easy to hide and encrypt all of that stuff these days. 😉

    • Because they wanted to do a male study? I’m sure a women study will follow soon enough.

      For myself I hide on my phone a bunch of porn and a secret relationship with a college chick in America who sends me dirty videos. It’s awesome.

  • Hi Michael and Hider and everyone else – the survey (as indicated in the article) covered men and women. This just happens to be the survey on Men. We released the survey on Women late last year.

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