Wash Your 'Dry Clean' Clothes At Home

Wash Your

If you're like most people, those dryclean-only clothes sit on their own in a separate hamper or maybe hung up at one end of your wardrobe, just waiting for the next trip to the dry cleaners. The good news? You may be able to wash some of them at home.

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WonderHowTo offers a few simple tips for deciding which dryclean-only clothes you may be able to wash yourself and how to get the best results. First, check the label. Some say "Dry Clean Only" and you should probably take them to the cleaners. Others just say "Dry Clean", and those you can potentially do yourself.

When you've decided which clothes you want to try washing, test a hidden spot to make sure the dye doesn't bleed out, wash them by hand (or maybe on a delicate cycle, depending on your washer), and then let them air dry. Hit up the full post below for more details.

The Secret to Washing Your "Dry Clean" Clothes — Without Going to the Dry Cleaner [WonderHowTo]


    Dry cleaning is neither "Dry" nor "Clean".
    It is a good idea to avoid buying clothes that need to be dry cleaned. Besides the major inconvenience, waste of time, and expense, I simply hate the smell.

      Good luck with those polyester suits.

        Nothing says 'class' like polyester.

        And polyester says 'class' like a drunk southern-cross-tattooed-on-the-neck inbred bogan with a speech impediment.

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