Use The One-N-Done Approach To Prioritise Money-Saving Strategies

Use The One-N-Done Approach To Prioritise Money-Saving Strategies

There are hundreds if not thousands of ways to save money, but some may be simpler than others. If you want to know which ones will save you the most money for the least effort, run them through the One-n-Done filter.

As finance blog Dough Roller explains, some ways to save money require consistent lifestyle changes, like eating out less or beginning a couponing habit. Others can potentially net the same return, but require only one-time action, such as lowering your monthly smartphone bill:

By making just one change to a cell phone plan, you can save money each and every month. There’s little if any sacrifice to your lifestyle. There is no effort involved after the initial work to change plans is complete. That’s what I call the One-N-Done method of saving money.

While obviously doing as many things as possible to save money will be the most effective, your priorities and free time may vary. If you find that you’re spending hours couponing only to save the same amount of money every month that you could save with a single phone call, it’s easy to see which one should be done first.

The One-N-Done Method of Saving Serious Dough [Dough Roller via Rockstar Finance]

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