Use A Loophole To Book Jetstar Business Class At Economy Prices

Getting to the pointy end of the plane can be tough. However, if you need to travel to Auckland in the next month or two, a little tricky tweaking can get you a "business class" seat on Jetstar for a tiny supplement to the economy price, as Australian Business Traveller explains.

Jetstar has added the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to its fleet, and will be using it for international flights. For the first month (from 26 February to 28 March), the plane will be flying Melbourne-Auckland. The 787 includes three rows of "business class" seats. They're arguably closer to premium economy in terms of space and options, but still an improvement on the more-cramped economy class.

Here's the trick: Because Jetstar's booking system doesn't offer a "business class" option on the Melbourne-Auckland route, those seats aren't sold that way. You can access them by paying Jetstar's extra leg room premium, which is $30 one way. As flight upgrades go, that's not a bad deal. (Jetstar offers the same option on existing flights, but the business seats on the 787 are a big step up.)

Hit the ABT post for a detailed walkthrough of the process.

Fly Jetstar's Boeing 787 in business class at economy prices [Australian Business Traveller]


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