Unfriend Notify For Facebook Sends An Alert When You Lose A Pal

Unfriend Notify for Facebook Sends an Alert When You Lose a Pal

Chrome/Firefox: Want to find out how someone unfriends you on Facebook? One way is to use Social Fixer, but that extension has a lot of other features and doesn't include a notification pop-up. For a simple alert, you need Unfriend Notify for Facebook.

The extension, available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, will issue a pop-up notification when someone unfriends you on Facebook. You can also check for all the people who have unfriended you by going to your Friends page, where you'll see a new tab section for "Lost Friends".

Unfriend Notify for Facebook [via AddictiveTips]


    Heh. The next step in that technology is hunting down whatever snarky message they left about culling their friend list, and posting that to you, too.

    I don't use the horrible thing, but coworkers are constantly groaning about drama queen friends of theirs being very loud and public about their culls. (Then apparently hardly unfriending anyone, just using the illusion of it as some kind of passive aggressive snark about behaviour they don't like seeing.)

    People actually care about being unfriended? I usually don't even notice when it happens and clearly it's someone that's not important in my life.

    ONly works for those that unfriend you once the app is installed... I'm sure there was a similar app a year or so back that lets you find when people have friended and unfriended you...

    Social Fixer removed that feature on FB's request.

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