Top 10 Things To Do When Visiting Any Theme Park

Top 10 Things To Do When Visiting Any Theme Park

Whether it’s a one day getaway, or you’re stepping into another country and taking part in a full-blown holiday, visiting theme parks, particularly when it comes to families, can be an exhausting process before you even turn up at the front gate. And let’s face it, with park tickets getting more and more expensive, you want to make sure you cent every penny from your admission fee. So these are my top tips that for visiting parks big and small right across the world.

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10. Pre-purchase your tickets

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9.Get there on time

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8.Eat a hearty breakfast

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7. Buy a locker for your junk and travel light

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6.Seriously, get there on time

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5.Respect other guests

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4. Don’t leave your brain at the front gate: Read the signs

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3.Stick together as a group and go with the flow

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2.Plan for off-peak and quiet periods

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1. Buy or find “skip the queue” tickets & passes

Other parks such as Dreamworld offer up charge technologies that, for a set price per person, allow you to rent a gizmo or use your smartphone to essentially “virtually wait” in a queue for you. A busy ride might have a “40 minute wait” in which case, you can select that you want to ride that particular attraction, and in 40 minutes your pocket buzzes and you can walk straight to the front of the queue. Again, check with the park first if they have some sort of “beat the queue” technology and do your research. If it’s a busy day, spending an extra few dollars to get on your favourite ride is generally worth it, which means you have more time to do other things while you’re in the park. Some say it’s a dodgy way for parks to make more money; I say it’s awesome. Picture:

Top 10 Things To Do When Visiting Any Theme Park In The World [OurWorlds]

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