This Infographic Shows You How To Organise Your Fridge

This Infographic Shows You How to Organise Your Fridge

We throw a lot of food away each year, and much of that comes from food going bad due to less-than-ideal storage. We've talked before about how to store food in your fridge and freezer and the general basics of food storage. This graphic from PartSelect serves as a handy at-a-glance guide to keeping refrigerated food its freshest.

Note that the infographic is tailored to an American audience, but there are useful tips in there that apply anywhere. For example, set your refrigerator to 3C-4C, because bacteria grows rapidly between 4C and 60C.

This Infographic Shows You How to Organise Your Fridge

Keepin' It Fresh: Refrigerator Revamp Guide [PartSelect]


    kinda depends on the make of your refrigerator aswell

    So... Let's try this again using metric measures and statistics that are relevant to us on this side of the planet, yeah?

    Imagine the terrible economic impact here - if this were to catch on, that's $165 billion gone from the US economy :P

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