'Success Doesn't Have A Template'

The self-improvement world has always been rife with posts, books, videos and seminars on "how the successful do it". It's easy to forget a simple truth that there is no standard pattern or definition for success.

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As writer Joshua Millburn points out, learning from traditionally "successful" people isn't wrong, but it's incorrect to say that they have the model figured out:

Instead, I denounce the ideology that says that working every waking hour is the template of success. It's not. Success is perspectival; it doesn't have a template. Aaron Levie is successful because he's doing what he wants to do with his life, and he's contributing to the lives of others (his company employees nearly 1,000 people). However, a stay-at-home dad can be just as successful.

How you define success can greatly influence how you go about getting it. If you want to be a video game designer, following in the footsteps of the CEO of a paper company will be a poor fit. When learning how to achieve your goals, define what success looks like for you, then seek people to model your habits after.

The Success Template [The Minimalists via Rockstar Finance]


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