Some Amazon S3 and EBS Price Cuts Are Actually Better For Australia

It's a pattern that has become familiar: Amazon Web Services (AWS) cuts pricing on a specific service, but customers using the Sydney data centre don't get the same degree of discounting as in other locations. But Amazon's latest round of price cuts — for the S3 and EBS storage services — don't work out too badly.

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Price cuts for S3 and EBS kick in from 1 February. As the table below shows, while S3 prices remain lower for US East (typically Amazon's cheapest region) than in Sydney, we've seen similar or better percentage discounts. (All prices are in US dollars, and are per GB per month.)

Product Region Old price New price Reduction
S3 Standard 0-1TB US East $0.095 $0.085 11%
S3 Standard 0-1TB Sydney $0.105 $0.094 10%
S3 Standard 1-50TB US East $0.080 $0.075 6%
S3 Standard 1-50TB Sydney $0.090 $0.084 7%
S3 Standard 50-500TB US East $0.070 $0.060 14%
S3 Standard 50-500TB Sydney $0.075 $0.064 15%
S3 Standard 500-1000TB US East $0.065 $0.055 15%
S3 Standard 500-1000TB Sydney $0.070 $0.059 16%
S3 Standard 1000-5000TB US East $0.060 $0.051 15%
S3 Standard 1000-5000TB Sydney $0.065 $0.055 15%
S3 Standard 5000TB+ US East $0.055 $0.043 22%
S3 Standard 5000TB+ Sydney $0.060 $0.047 22%
EBS Provisioned Storage US East $0.100 $0.050 50%
EBS Provisioned Storage Sydney $0.110 $0.080 27%

The EBS discount isn't so impressive. Given data transfer, electricity and other operational costs, we can't imagine the higher overall Sydney price scenario changing in the near future.

Amazon has also expanded its range of M3 high-performance instances; hit the blog post for more details on those.

AWS Update - New M3 Sizes & Features + Reduced EBS Prices + Reduced S3 Prices [AWS Blog]


    You may want to change the term "EBS Provisioned Storage", as it's a bit misleading. The prices quoted are the new per-GiB prices for EBS Standard Volumes. The per-GiB price for EBS Provisioned IOPS volumes has not changed.

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