SafeSpot Sends A Geo-Tagged SOS If You're Incapacitated

Android: There are a lot of 'in case of emergency' SOS apps on the Play Store, but the onus is usually on the phone owner to hit a button or tap something. SafeSpot takes a different approach, turning your Android into a virtual dead man's switch which sends out an SOS text message if you let go of your screen.

The app's idea is that you'll know when you are in a dangerous area. If that's the case, start SafeSpot and select one of the preset contact groups you created. A yellow dot appears at the bottom of the on screen. Drag the dot up and it turns orange. If you let go of the screen when the dot is orange, an SOS is sent out to all the people in your contact group. If you think you're safe, just drag the dot back to the bottom till it turns yellow.

The only catch is that you need to make sure your GPS is turned on as SafeSpot needs to send a text message with your GPS coordinates. In my tests, when GPS was off, the app couldn't get a reading and crashed.

SafeSpot (Free) [Google Play Store via I Love Free Software]


    A nice idea, but unfortunately the result is you're wandering around an area that you already think is dangerous, and now you have to do it with your phone in hand.
    The idea of a dead-man switch isn't a bad one, though. It would be better implemented with a small secondary device with a button as the dead-man switch, but of course that is no longer just 'an app' so I can hardly fault them for that. =)

    I totally agree with you guys. I still believe an app + device like spotNsave would be a better option for people to use.
    spotNsave offers a device which is cheap and affordable. I just got mine and it works wonders

      You just got yours, Chirag?
      According to the indiegogo campaign they don't start shipping until March.
      On the other hand, you are listed as "the Brain behind spotNsave" on the campaign site, so I guess you're just shamelessly self promoting. I just wish you would have been more clear about that in your comment.

    What happened to SafeSpot???
    It has disappeared from the Google Store!!!! I have used it before and spoke at length about it at my Internet Safety Classes. I cannot find it anywhere.

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