Remove Windshield Stickers More Easily With A Mobile Phone Screen Protector

Remove Windshield Stickers Easier with a Mobile phone Screen Protector

Stickers on your car's windshield, such as the ones you need for parking or registration, are notoriously difficult to remove later. Redditor wewtaco has an ingenious solution: use mobile phone screen protectors between the windshield and the sticker.

Photo by Andrew Turnbull

It's clear, so the parking cops won't mind that it's on there, and most screen protectors are designed to be taken off relatively easily.

That's certainly a lot cheaper than some of the dedicated windshield sticker-removal solutions out there.

LPT: Easily remove windshield stickers using screen protectors [Reddit]


    Since ive been driving, ive been using a sufficiently damp wad of newspaper that is sqaushed up against the rego sticker, 15mins later it peels of even easier than a screen protector.

      Heh... Been driving since the early 70's, and I've been doing a similar thing with wadded up toilet paper. You fold it up into say half a dozen layers or more soak it, and it will stick to the sticker no problems, ten, fifteen minutes later the sticker just slides off. Hell of a lot cheaper than wasting a phone screen protector...! :)

    I guess in quite a few states now registration stickers aren't even required.. For example, as of 1st January this year, in Victoria, Registration stickers for standard vehicles are not required. So i've taken mine off!

      First I've heard of that..! Hope it comes to Qld soon... :)

      That's been the case in WA for a long time now.

      I hope not. Registration stickers are important to prevent numberplate forgery. It is much harder to forge a sticker than the numberplate.

        In WA it saves $1 million a year by not having stickers and by only sending you a first and final letter for your rego (1 letter when its due, no reminders). The police cars are fitted with plate scanners which can scan something crazy like 15 plates a second including cars on side streets etc and will alarm the cops of unlicensed drivers, expired regos, stolen plates etc. Far more effective. Also when a cop pulls you over first thing they do is look up your rego... The stickers are a waste of money these days. In WA the stickers only had a number on them anyway corresponding to the month the rego will expire unlike Queensland which has the car make and model etc on it, but the cops get all that info when they look up your plates anyway,

    Instead of the screen protector use some clear book covering contact film. Its much cheaper then the screen protectors and can fit any size sticker.

    Just use some clingfilm; much cheaper and easier.

    Eucalyptus Oil. Or Smash a Koala against your sticker. Either work fine.

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