Remote Desktop Tool LogMeIn Is No Longer Free

Remote Desktop Tool LogMeIn Is No Longer Free

LogMeIn, one of our favourite remote desktop tools, has suddenly pulled the plug on the free version. If you want to continue using it, you’ll need to pay up or switch to an alternative if you want to continue being able to remotely control your PC from anywhere.

Current free LogMeIn users will have seven days, starting today, to continue using the program. After that, discounted pricing for the year starts at $US49 (new LogMeIn users pay $US99 a year). This will also impact iOS and Android LogMeIn users, but prices aren’t announced for those yet.

While this is a bummer, we recommend TeamViewer over LogMeIn anyway.

FAQ about Changes to LogMeIn Free [LogMeIn via Neowin]


  • That sucks!

    I used LogMeIn Free for remotely fixing my nans PC back in the UK as well as a few friends PC’s here in Australia

    Does anyone have any alternatives that can be used instead of LogMeIn?

    Does TeamViewer require any intervention from the clients end or can I just connect and take over?

    • When you install teamviewer, you have an optional step to allow remote sessions with no user present. The controls are the same as LogmeIn and I just made the switch this morning too, thanks to this unannounced change of plan of logmein.
      I’m pretty sure they’re going to have a lot less clients now …

    • You can use Google+ Hangouts to do screen sharing or remote control of another persons computer. It’s obviously not an option for unmanned computers.

    • I second that. Splashtop is pretty great. I manage both my main system and Media Center PC with it remotely, although there’s a small $18 annual subscription fee for remote access, but that’s pretty affordable considering the alternatives.

      I’ve not used TeamViewer but it seems like a decent free alternative.

  • Irony: Using Logmein’s last few days to install teamviewer .. then using Teamviewer to uninstall logmein

  • I find teamviewer much better than logmein, plus you dont have to worry about vpn etc.

    now days i just remote into my work station using teamviewer instead of dial in through vpn, less hassle

  • Hey, guys don’t worry if logmein free is not available. There are alternatives like RHUB`s remote support servers which can be used for remotely accessing computers from anywhere. It provides multitiered collaborative support.

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