Remember To Look Your Interviewer In The Eye

There are plenty of aspects of body language that you can worry about during an interview, but the basics matter more than all the minor details. Case in point: eye contact.

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A survey of 2201 managers by CareerBuilder found that 70 per cent had noticed interviewees failing to make eye contact. That figure suggests both that it's a prevalent mistake, and also it's one that managers are highly attuned to.

The survey also unearthed other common errors (not smiling, bad posture, fidgeting), but the dominance of eye contact suggests that this is something to concentrate on. An interview is not the time to be shy. Look your interviewer in the face. Shyness is a habit that can be broken.

CareerBuilder [via Business Insider]


    Just don't look at their crotch...For 99% of jobs you wont get hired...

    This is very basic thing I always have done. It shows you are interested in what they are saying and shows your actively thinking about what they are saying.

    Also it is polite :)

    I thought this would have been obvious.... :/ I always look my interviewer in the eye, or if I'm being interviewed by a panel (which I hate, but what can you do?) I make eye contact with whoever's talking or with whoever asked the question I'm answering.

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