QuicklyPay.it 'IOU' App Lets You Pay Bills With Bitcoins

QuicklyPay.it is a new "IOU" mobile app that allows you to manage split bills and group payments securely. What sets it apart from other IOU apps like Splitwise is that you can send and receive cash directly using the digital currency Bitcoin.

QuicklyPay.it can be used to set up group payments, person-to-person money transfers and automatic reminders for outstanding money owed.

In addition to traditional credit card payments, QuicklyPay.it is being billed as the world's first app that lets you send someone cash directly using Bitcoin.

Requesting a payment with the app involves the following steps:

  • Select the people you want to request money from. The contacts are sourced from your phonebook.
  • Write how much the total payment was. For group payments, the app automatically splits the payment equally between everyone.
  • Give the payment a description (eg. Footy tickets).
  • Send. Everyone receives a notification of your request.

Here's how you send money to others:

  • Select the person you want to pay.
  • Write how much you want to pay them.
  • Give the payment a description (eg. Thanks for dinner).
  • Key in your credit card or Bitcoin details.
  • Send. The person will receive a notification of your payment and the money will be deposited into their bank account.

Contacts are sourced from your phonebook, which means they don't need to install the app to receive reminders or payments: instead, recipients are notified via SMS. The app also shows who has and who hasn't paid during group payments in real time. This is a good way to shame people into making timely reimbursements (everyone who has the app can see who has and hadn't paid).

You can find out more about how QuicklyPay.it works in the video below:

The QuicklyPay.it app is currently available on Android and iOS. Note that bitcoin integration has not been implemented into the iPhone version yet, but is expected to show up soon. [Update: The iOS version has now been updated.] If Bitcoin is a mystery to you, check out our guides to how it works and some of the more prominent alternatives.

QuicklyPay.it [Google Play]

QuicklyPay.it [iTunes App Store]


    Thanks for the coverage Chris :) I'd just like to point out that you can use Bitcoin on the current version of both iOS and Android

    Last edited 28/01/14 6:30 pm

    You can use the Bill Pay for Coins web site to pay any bill in the United States. billpayforcoins.com

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