Proof That Popstars' Faces Are As Fake As Their Voices [Video]

Have you ever noticed how pop singers often look glowingly flawless and ethereal in their music videos? This astonishing video reveals how digital retouching can turn everyday singers into glamorous divas with the press of a few buttons.

Last year, we posted a time-lapse video that showed how fashion photography is routinely manipulated to make female models look thinner, prettier and fuller-breasted. The below clip from French singer Boggie covers similar ground as it exposes the various ways music video subjects are digitally tweaked and perfected. On a technical level, the results are truly astounding.

If any graphic artists are reading, we'd love to know how this real-time simulation was achieved. Drop your knowledge in the comments!


    The whole thing is fake.

    It's 4 different takes each with different makeup and lighting which are then blended in After Effects with a fake software UI put on top. Mentioned by the director in the Vimeo comments

    Also she's Hungarian singing in French.

    Yeah apparently this is fake but they do use touching up software on peoples faces.

    That's why the Harry Potter Actors never had pimples. Apparently that same technology was used on the Show Desperate Housewives. I don't know if that's true though. However if you ever watched Oprah when it was on, they digitally altered her face. Something that looked like the equivalent of the 'surface blur' tool in Photoshop. Tools like that are definitely used on music videos and ads.

    Just the other week there was a prime example with Diane Keating.

    If only video touch up software was that easy, everybody would be doi.. o wait.

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