Power A Car Stereo With A Raspberry Pi

Sick of your boring old car stereo? DIY enthusiast Sentcool decided to upgrade his stereo with a Raspberry Pi, and the result is a nifty little multimedia stereo.

Using a Raspberry Pi, a cheap display, an amp and a few other parts, Sentcool’s system shows off how you can use a Raspberry Pi right in your own dashboard. This isn’t the prettiest thing in the world, but it has everything you need to get started. Replace those hand-drawn temporary buttons with a touchscreen and you’ll be all set.

Car Mp3-Player with the Raspberry PI [Sentcool’s Projects via Hack a Day]


  • I want to do something like this, but there’s stuff like steering wheel controls and dash mounts to deal with, which I’m not sure on.

    I went to Autobarn the other day to look at car stereos (I just wanted a cheap stereo for bluetooth audio, as I rarely listen to the radio and don’t play CDs. A $79 stereo turned into $159 if I wanted bluetooth (since when did bluetooth in something drive the cost up by almost double?!), and if I wanted it installed with steering wheel controls, it was $100 for the steering wheel control cable, $20 for the “harness” that allowed the steering wheel cables to hook into the stereo, plus $100 for installation. $379 for a $159 stereo?

      • But then that’s $400 (having a 2 second glance at their site), then the $100 installation fee and other stuff (mounting kits and stuff) on top of that!

        Truth be told, once we get some of this home maintenance stuff out of the way, we’ll probably look at a new car anyway. My wife’ll have the old Ford and would be more than happy to use my existing bluetooth -> FM device.

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