Photograph Your Suitcase Before Flying To Find It Fast If It Gets Lost

Photograph Your Suitcase Before Flying to Find It Fast If It Gets Lost

While we prefer to avoid checking luggage whenever possible, if you have to put yours into the hands of the airline else you should take a picture of it first. That way, if your suitcase is lost (or temporarily missing) you can file a claim easily.

Redditor jeannaimard suggests this tip. Before you leave for the airport, take a photo. That will be useful if the unexpected happens and your bag goes missing. It's just one more clever use for your smartphone camera.

Inspired by the picture inside, when you fly, take a picture of the baggage you are checking [Reddit]


    I do the same with my kids when we go out in case they get lost... I take a photo of them in my phone

      I sometimes help out at large public events and it'd be great if more people did this as lost kids (or lost parents) is a common problem. My wife writes her mobile number on the kids' stomachs when we go to big events. Sounds unusual, but it's somewhere easily accessible if needed without writing it on their arm where it could get washed off by dripping ice cream, water fights or just kids being kids.

    As someone whose lost their suitcase multiple times, I don't know why I never thought of this >.>

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    You could also get fabric paint and paint a symbol, initials, or flower, etc.

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