From The Tips Box: Motivation, Wallets, DIY Vaseline Alternatives

Motivation, Wallets, and DIY Vaseline Alternatives

Lifehacker readers offer their best tips for getting motivated, making a slim DIY wallet, and making your own Vaseline alternative.

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Put Your Shoes on to Get Motivated

Motivation, Wallets, and DIY Vaseline Alternatives

Sally shares this tip for helping motivate yourself for whatever you need to do:

I like exercising in the mornings — usually a brisk walk or something similar. Well, I say I like it, but what I really like is having done it. Talking myself into actually going for that walk in the first place is a little harder.

So I made myself a deal. When I get up, I have to dress and put my walking shoes on. After that, I'm allowed to not go for a walk if I still don't want to and I'm allowed to not feel guilty about it. By the time I get my shoes on, I always get psyched up and end up going for a walk.

And the same thing holds true for other activities. If I've got cleaning to do on the weekend or some errand I'm not looking forward to, same deal. Once I get my shoes on, I almost always go ahead and do it.

Photo by Mr. T in DC.

Repurpose Garter Belts into a Slim, Minimalist Wallet

Motivation, Wallets, and DIY Vaseline Alternatives

Flynn shares this tip for a minimalist wallet:

My girlfriend Cindy crafted a slim minimalist wallet from a few salvaged garter belts. The slim wallet can contain a few credit cards, bills, receipts and even house keys. Check the Instructable for a quick show and tell.

Make Your Own DIY Non-Petroleum Jelly

Motivation, Wallets, and DIY Vaseline Alternatives

Emily shares a recipe for making a great Vaseline alternative:

This is way better than regular petroleum jelly. For starters, it is not petroleum-based. It's easy to make and you can even add your own favourite fragrance if you want. It's made from beeswax, coconut oil, and olive oil. The only downside is that it doesn't last years like petroleum jelly does, but I find that a little scary anyway.

Manage Cables with Plastic Pipe Hangers

Motivation, Wallets, and DIY Vaseline Alternatives

Mxte shares a tip for managing cables under your desk (or wherever, really):

I've been using plastic pipe hangers/clamps for my desk for ages now and it works pretty well. Their advantage is you can open 1 out of say 3-4 which makes taking just 1 cable out an easy task as the rest of the cables still hang on those other hangers. They are super cheap too and you can space them how you need them.


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