Moovit Helps You Master Public Transport In Any City, At Home Or Abroad

Android/iOS: Public transport isn’t too bad once you get the hang of it, but it can be tricky if you’re visiting a new city or riding a new route. Moovit is a mobile app that uses crowdsourced data from other bus and train riders to help you plan for a smooth trip.

If you’ve ever had to rely on public transport for your commute, you’ve probably learned to adapt and come up with alternatives for late buses, delayed trains or crowded rush-hour platforms. Moovit uses information collected from other users to show you faster routes, alert you to overcrowded buses and trains, and help you determine when you should leave in order to arrive on time. You can even see how crowded the buses are on your route, see an ETA based on real-time information, or even track the train you’re waiting to catch on a live map.

Moovit has often been described as the “Waze of public transit”, which is a useful analogy if you’re you’re more used to driving yourself than riding the subway. It really does share a lot of similarities, including the ability to post updates and warnings to other users on your route. Hit the link below to give it a shot on your platform. It should make your commute and your trips out and about that much easier.

Moovit (free) [Google Play Moovit (free) [iTunes App Store via Moovit]

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