Mobile Substrate Updates For iOS 7, Supports More Jailbreak Tweaks

Mobile Substrate Updates For iOS 7, Supports More Jailbreak Tweaks

iOS (jailbreak): The iOS 7 jailbreak came along with a bit of drama last week, and one of the problems with it was the fact that the backbone of most jailbreak tweaks, a system called Mobile Substrate, hadn’t been updated to support iOS 7. Mobile Substrate was updated this morning and many of your favourite tweaks and apps should work better now.

The update is available in Cydia right now. You’ll find it by searching for “Cydia Substrate”. On top of providing the framework for older tweaks to update for iOS 7, this also makes it so jailbreak tweaks and apps can work on A7 devices like the new iPad, iPhone 5s and iPad Mini. That said, developers will need to update their tweaks, so give it a little time before you tinker too much. If you’ve already installed a lot of tweaks, you might run into some trouble with this update, but iDownloadBlog has a few troubleshooting tips if you do.

Mobile Substrate updated with support for iOS 7 and ARM64 [iDownloadBlog]


  • This reminds me back when I owned a jb 4th gen ipod touch. Damn that thing was so much fun jailbroken. Pretty much worth the $$$ just for all the great features and apps.
    I rely too much upon my Android phone to deal with all of the instabilities and risks of rooting.
    Maybe I’ll root another cheap android phone I have hanging around or buy a 5th gen ipod touch to tinker with.

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