McDiet Day 6: Breakfast In Bathurst And The Coffee Crisis

For complicated reasons that will be fully explained here in a couple of weeks, I was in Bathurst, some 200 kilometres out of Sydney, first thing Saturday. Because it was early in the morning and I wasn’t near home or the office, I decided to get a coffee rather than an orange juice with my compulsory McDonald’s breakfast. This turned out to have unexpected consequences.

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I ordered my breakfast — a Bacon & Egg value meal with a black coffee — in the surprisingly crowded McDonald’s branch on the Great Western Highway. I grabbed it as soon as it was ready, then headed out front and took a photo of the coffee. I was in a hurry because I had to make sure I was back at the station in time for the service back to Sydney (Bathurst only has one Sydney Trains service a day). And so I was already a couple of blocks away when I took my first sip and realised I didn’t have a black coffee: I had a flat white.

That’s a potentially big difference when you’re counting every calorie, and at first I panicked quite badly. I didn’t have time to head back and ask for a replacement, I really needed a coffee, and I’d already drunk some of it. But this was going to throw my carefully-planned daily total out, I suspected. Was I going to have to cancel my fries with dinner, or do something really unpleasant like eat a Filet-o-Fish instead?

When I boarded my train and actually checked the calorie count, I realised I was over-reacting. The coffee was worth 165 calories — just 30 more than the orange juice I’ve been having most other days. With my daily totals well under my 2000 maximum target, this wasn’t going to be an earth-shattering mistake.

Despite full days of an all-Macca’s diet, I’d fallen victim to some of the same assumptions others had made and which I referred to on Day 1 of this experiment: that the only safe way through this menu was salad and water and everything else would turn me into Fat Bastard. McDonald’s coffee is decidedly average, but one flat white from there isn’t going to bloat me. Five a day might, but that won’t be happening.

That’s the second serving mistake I’ve encountered this week (the first: a crunchy rather than grilled salad on day 4, which cost me 100 calories). Neither has been an issue. I’m just glad that no-one’s accidentally sold me a full-fat Coke rather than a Coke Zero, though even that would only be a 100-calorie penalty with the small size I’ve been ordering.

What I Ate: Day 6

Here’s the day 6 menu, complete with calorie count (calorie-free drinks not included).

Food Calories
Breakfast: Bacon & Egg McMuffin 297
Hash Brown 153
Flat white 165
Lunch: Noodle Grilled Chicken Salad 255
Dinner: McSpicy 468
Small Fries 255
Total 1593

Why the repeat on the McSpicy, which I’ve already had this week? Again, I really craved something with a bit of a kick. It’s easier to stick to a diet if you’re looking forward to the food.

One day to go! (Note: I’ll put Sunday’s Day 7 meal plan up on Sunday evening, rather than the next day as I’ve been doing so far, since Monday will be the big reveal: have I actually lost weight?)

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