Killer Interview Question: What Would You Take To A Desert Island?

Another addition to the killer interview questions collection, and one you'll hope not to encounter when you're searching for a job: If you were on an island and could only bring three things, what would you bring?.

Desert island picture from Shutterstock

That's one of 25 questions job site Glassdoor lists in a collection of oddball interview questions (collected from actual examples submitted by interviewees). That particular question comes from Yahoo!, and is clearly designed to test both your resourcefulness and your imagination.

Our sibling site Business Insider Australia suggests "a knife, matches and duct tape" as a possible answer. While all good choices, both the matches and duct tape are a finite resource that will run out. I'd suggest replacing the matches with flint stones for lighting fires, and perhaps the duct tape with rope.

How would you answer the question?

The Craziest, Hardest Job Interview Questions Tech Companies Are Asking Right Now [Business Insider]


    I would answer with "I don't think I will be a good fit here. Thank you for your time".

      Yessir... Best answer hands down.

    I'd bring a boat, so I can get myself off the island.

    Failing that, Mythbusters proved you can survive on a desert island using almost nothing but duct tape, so I'll just take plenty of that.

    Depends, am I stuck on the Island or there for a holiday?

    Crate of rum, something to make fire with, pistol with 1 shot.
    Nuff sed

    Hmmm... Someone Blond, nubile and younger than me sounds like a plan, erm.. preferably female... Ahh.. all my fantasies end up here...! What, wrong answer...? :)

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    A 3-D printer, a solar-powered laptop to connect to it, and a very, very, very large supply of raw material for it?

    GPS, Satellite phone and a volleyball.

    Fully appointed 120 foot luxury yacht, fishing rod and sunscreen

    The best answer i have heard to this question is "stuff" because you can always find what you want in stuff.

      Exactly my sentiments. Stupid question really.

    Failing the obvious (a satellite phone). I would bring a multi tool, cross bow and flint stones

    Had a variant of this at a 'group' interview. In that scenario they're looking for team players and people who can organise the response as well.

    Plastic bags/tarps are a good answer as they can provide shelter, be used for water collection and so forth. Having read the SAS survival handbook may have had benefit in that interview, though certainly not the benefit envisaged by it's author I'm sure.

    There is really only 1 answer to this question, unless one is a martyr, running from something (or to something) or trying to be impressive. The question is clear, although not well presented for the purpose that it is apparently asked. As whitepointer says - clearly - you'd bring a boat.

    I'd suggest bringing along a fat, slow, tasty friend. As well as a flints one and some kindling.

    Me, myself and I

    You're all wrong.
    The answer is:

    1: Spaceship
    2: Cure for cancer
    3: Cold Fusion reactor

    (Also, obviously, the spaceship includes snacks)

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