Keep Granny Smith Apples In The Fridge, They Taste Better

Keep Granny Smith Apples In The Fridge, They Taste Better

Kotaku editor Mark Serrels is a fiend for fruit. So the other day he walks into the office and says to me: “This is a life hack you have to run. Granny Smith apples taste so much better when they’re refrigerated, it’s off the chart.”

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I’m not a big apple eater, so I wasn’t disposed to test this assertion. However, Mark is a very fussy consumer so I’m prepared to take his word for it.

Many fruits benefit from not being kept in the fridge, and ideally you’ll eat your fruit and veg close to purchase date, so refrigeration isn’t always necessary. But if you’re an apple addict, this is worth a try.

My personal favourite when it comes to chilled fruit in summer is frozen grapes: those are hard to beat as a quick snack. What fruit do you find yourself putting in the fridge, and what just stays in the bowl? Tell us in the comments.


  • I’ve always stored all my apples in the fridge, I can’t stand apples at room temperature, they’re all warm and soft.

    Oranges and grapes are also stored in the fridge. Since they’re juicy it’s like a refreshing cool juice drink every time you take a bite :p

    Bananas obviously kept out though, but that’s almost a given.

    Frozen grapes though? Seems interesting, certainly worth a try! ;p

  • Frozen blueberries for the win! You have to freeze them separately on a flat piece of alfoil or baking sheet before putting them into bags, though.

  • I love this! Completely agree, apples in z crisper. However, I would NEVER put tomatoes in the fridge!

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