IT Pro Contractor Roles That Pay Big Bucks

Working as a contractor offers more variety, but whether you can make a living depends on your skills, where your located Here are the contract jobs (and ;locations) that are paying well for IT pros right now.

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We combed through Peoplebank's latest IT&T Salary Survey to identify the contractor roles with the best available rates — those with a potential maximum daily rate of more than $1000. (If you want to know the full-time roles that offered the biggest pay packets, we wrote those up last year.)

For contractor roles, Peoplebank generally quotes day rates, and quotes a range. In some cities, Peoplebank quotes an hourly rate; we've multiplied that by eight to get the figures here. These figures don't include superannuation, bonuses, commissions or fees. (Note also Peoplebank doesn't do contractor rates for Brisbane.)

Role Location Daily rate
Applications Architect Melbourne $780-$1100
Applications Development Manager Sydney $900-$1200
Applications Development Manager Canberra $920-$1040
Applications Development Manager Perth $800-$1120
Applications Development Manager Adelaide $600-$1200
Change Manager (Organisational) Melbourne $800-$1200
CIO/IT Director Sydney $2000-$2500
CIO/IT Director Melbourne $1300-$2500
CIO/IT Director Adelaide $960-$2000
Enterprise Architect Sydney $900-$1500
Enterprise Architect Melbourne $900-$1300
Enterprise Architect Canberra $920-$1200
Enterprise Architect Adelaide $640-$1040
Infrastructure Architect Melbourne $800-$1200
Infrastructure Architect Canberra $880-$1040
Infrastructure Architect Adelaide $640-$1040
IT Consultant (Functional) Sydney $800-$1500
IT Consultant (Functional) Canberra $800-$1120
IT Consultant (Functional) Adelaide $560-$1040
IT Consultant (Technical) Canberra $800-$1120
IT Consultant (Technical) Adelaide $560-$1040
IT Manager Sydney $1000-$1200
J2EE Architect Melbourne $900-$1100
Oracle Financials Functional Perth $720-$1200
Oracle Financials Functional Adelaide $560-$1080
Oracle Financials Technical Perth $720-$1200
Oracle Financials Technical Adelaide $420-$1040
Program Manager Melbourne $900-$1200
Program Manager Canberra $800-$1120
Program Manager Perth $1000-$1240
Program Manager Adelaide $800-$1120
Project Manager Sydney $750-$1200
Project Manager Organisational Change Perth $560-$1040
SAP ABAP Canberra $920-$1120
SAP ABAP Adelaide $560-$1040
SAP Functional Sydney $750-$1200
SAP Functional Canberra $920-$1280
SAP Functional Adelaide $520-$1200
SAP Management Sydney $900-$2500
SAP Technical Sydney $700-$1200
Security Architect Sydney $800-$1100
Security Architect Melbourne $800-$1200
Security Architect Canberra $800-$1200
Solutions Architect Sydney $700-$1100
Solutions Architect Melbourne $800-$1200
Solutions Architect Perth $800-$1120
Solutions Architect Adelaide $480-$1040
Technology & Infrastructure Manager Sydney $900-$1200
Technology & Infrastructure Manager Canberra $920-$1120
Technology & Infrastructure Manager Perth $720-$1040
Technology & Infrastructure Manager Adelaide $700-$1120

As you'd expect, rates are higher in Sydney and Melbourne, and notably lower in Adelaide. Bear in mind that for many of these roles, the contract is likely to be fairly lengthy: no-one wants to hire a CIO for a week.


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