Include A Full-Body Photo In Your Online Dating Profile For More Responses

Include A Full-Body Photo In Your Online Dating Profile For More Responses

Want to increase the chances of finding true love and/or momentary pleasure via an online dating site? Make sure your profile includes at least one full-body shot.

Hiking picture from Shutterstock

An analysis of 4000 profiles by online dating site Zoosk found that including a full-body shot increased the level of response messages by 203 per cent compared to a profile that didn’t include one. This was true across both sexes, unlike other factors which vary heavily (men respond well to selfies of women, but women are less keen on selfies of men).

One other weird tip? Apparently, if you’re going to use emoticons, the full-face smilie with a dash 🙂 does better in generating responses than the lazier version 🙂.

Here Are the Best Possible Dating Profile Pictures According to Science [The Data Report via Business Insider]


  • Ha! Hardly a life hack, heh. This is just good common sense. However, your full body photo should not just be a clear shot of you posing—it should be an action shot, or something that otherwise showcases your interests and how you spend your free time. Take it from a professional online dating coach; you want economy in the pics you post. You have to convey a lot in just a few shots! The Shutterstock example you posted is decent, but, you know, don’t use a stock photo in real life. 🙂

    (Adding in that smiley face nose dash just for you, even though I prefer the ‘lazier’ version.)

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