How To Deal With Your New Year Hangover

Indulged a bit too much as 2014 kicked off? Ease the pain with our best hangover relief and avoidance tactics.

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  • Hangover Cures: Myth, Legend, Fact Our comprehensive guide to dealing with hangovers, covering what works, what doesn't and with many tempting pictures of egg-based dishes. Speaking of which . . .

  • Have Miso Soup And Eggs For Breakfast To Beat Back A Hangover It's all about the probiotics, apparently. But if that sounds too exotic . . .

  • Bacon Sandwiches Can Speed Up Hangover Recovery We won't say the same about bacon milkshakes.

  • Drink Lighter-Coloured Liquors To Avoid Hangovers This may not work so well with beer, but if you're hitting the liquor, it's worth considering. Sake can also be your friend here.

  • What Alcohol Actually Does To Your Brain And Body Knowing how it happens won't stop the hangover, but it does give you food for thought for next time.

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      I don't care what the guides say... I'm going to eat half my body weight in kfc. Back to the gym tomorrow anyway.

      As everyone knows, it's important to have a bottle of water by your bed after a night of drinking.

      After a big night, I add some gastrolyte rehydration powder to it. It definitely lessons the hang over the next day. Even just having some the next day does help.

      More alcohol will stop the hangover. Guaranteed.

        On my way into Melbourne CBD to test this theory.

          It totally worked didn't it?

            well, it was a temporary fix. But now I'm looking for a solution to today's hangover.

              More alcohol. If you have a hangover, you need to keep drinking.

      Easily the best way to cure a hangover is to not get one in the first place. But for reasons unknown many of us deliberately choose what causes pain and trouble, and we will fight to the death anyone who tries to suggest otherwise.

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