How Does Australia Fare In The International Food Index?

How Does Australia Fare In The International Food Index?

Australia has a reputation for being one of the most obese nations on Earth, but how bad is our food really? Oxfam has released an interactive Food Index that ranks the best and worst places to eat in the world.

The Oxfam Food Index attempts to illustrate how overconsumption, misuse of resources and waste contribute to world hunger. The rankings were determined via global data sources such as the World Health Organisation, with each nation allocated points based on food availability, food affordability, food quality and diabetes/obesity levels in each country.

All in all, Australia doesn’t fare too badly with an overall ranking of 8th. The UK, New Zealand and the USA placed 13th, 23rd and 21st, respectively. The top slot was taken out by the Netherlands, which scored particularly well on food quality and quantity.

As you’d expect, Australian food performed weakest in the health category due to the abundance of high-fat and sugary options at our disposal. Curiously, the country ranked worst for obesity was actually Saudi Arabia, which was news to us. You can check out the graph for yourself here.

The Food Index [Oxfam]


  • The cropped picture at the top is worthy of the Bureau of Meaningless Statistics.

    From the real page:
    Countries to the left are best, to the right are worst.
    Colours indicate region [Europe, Asia, Africa etc.]

  • I noticed that Oxfam ranked countries by quality and quantity of food as opposed to flavour… because I’ve found most Scandinavian cuisine downright inedible, despite the over-representation of Scandinavian countries in the top 20.

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