Have You Ever Changed Careers?


    i think a career tweak is a lot easier than a change, i moved from an analytical role to a similar role at a company and then switched role type in that company which was in a new industry, now i have started progressing and moving on the new role type/industry.

    Doing it this was ensure i didn't take any monster hits to pay, i mostly gave up short term promotion opportunities, and my older parts of my resume i have setup to show what is still reinvent to my new path so my experience looks more significant.

    I have, and it certainly wasn't easy, but it was one of the best things I've ever done. Went back to uni to study I.T. and had a tough time for a while balancing multiple jobs with full-time study just trying to keep myself afloat financially. Luckily managed to land a job in my university's I.T. support call centre, which paid well and was flexible around my study hours, thankfully things got easier from there.

    Where's the "Several Times but I'm happy now" option?

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