Hack An IKEA Shelving Unit Into A Tetris Video Game Showpiece

The IKEA Expedit shelving unit looks pretty dull on its own, which is why the company sells colourful high-gloss inserts to spruce the fixture up. By mixing-and-matching the inserts, you can turn the unit into a Tetris-themed showpiece that is sure to impress any gamer. But is it art?

"I wanted a not-so-serious library with some space to hide my stuff and at the same time, to showcase other items," explains IKEA Hackers reader Pedro.

"Superposing Expedit modules created an array of cubes that is possible to color by using doors, drawers, boxes and any other stuff. Tetris schema is exactly what I was looking for."

To pull off this hack, you'll need an IKEA Expedit shelving unit and the aforementioned Expedit inserts. These run at a hefty $30 each, although you could probably achieve similar results with any insert that shares the same 33x33cm dimensions.

Once you have your inserts, simply match the colours into iconic Tetris shapes. Too easy!

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    it is a good idea but its not a hack, all you are doing is putting inserts that were designed to go with the Expedit into a colourful display. Nothing special and you arent really doing anything different than what the product was intended for.

      The word (hack) is so overused lately

    That isn't a hack. This is a hack - http://neophob.com/2012/08/expeditinvaders-the-spiced-up-ikea-shelf/

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