Google Is Killing Off Google Schemer

We've talked before about Google's Schemer tool — which suggests useful things to do and lets you set public goals — as one of Google's lesser-known but useful tools. Looks like you'll have to choose another service for that task: Schemer is on the way out.

Google Operating System reports that internal versions of the Schemer site show that it will soon shut down. The Android app for Schemer hasn't been updated since October 2012, which reinforces the idea that Google isn't committed to the project. Most of Schemer's active development focused on US cities, but if you have been using it to track projects, we'd suggest exporting your data sooner rather than later.

Schemer to be discontinued [Google Operating System]


    Why would anyone start using a new Google product these days? If something as popular as Reader could get culled then anything could go.

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