Forgotify Plays Spotify Tracks No-One Has Ever Listened To

Here's a weird way to randomise your playlist. Forgotify is a webapp that finds tracks in Spotify's catalogue which no-one has ever played.

The Forgotify site claims that 4 million songs on Spotify have suffered this ignominious fate, though that number will presumably drop if a lot of people try the app out. In my tests, it offered up a lot of strange material in languages I didn't even recognise and a large number of classical recordings by entirely unknown ensembles. Rock on. It's a free service (you need a Spotify account, but the ad-supported version of that is free too).



    Saw this on reddit and apparently there might still be some bugs because people were finding songs that they had already listened to on this list. So take it with a grain of salt, they're still working on refining the algorithm.

    As I listen to "Dr Dam Di Dam by Vaclav Neckar - on the album Vašek vypravuje pohádky Františka Nepila” I am actually not that surprised that this song has never been listened to before.

    Just listened to Mating Call of Squirrel Treefrog. Thanks!

    I'm sure "My Pal Foot Foot" by the Shags would be in that list - has to be the worst song ever released - and makes me giggle like a school girl every time I get the urge to find it again.

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