Flatten Mince In Plastic Bags For Faster Freezing And Thawing

Before you store mince in the freezer, divide it into useful portions and flatten each one as much as possible. That makes the mince faster to freeze and faster to thaw.

The One Pot Chef makes this point in the video above. You don't need to use any equipment to flatten the meat; simply push down with your fingers, then seal the bag. Flattened meat freezes and thaws much faster because it's exposing a larger surface area — think of it as a sheet of ice versus a block of ice.

Quick Tips: Meat Freezing Tips [The One Pot Chef]


    Been doing this for years, but with eveything that goes in the freezer.

    Not only does it freeze and thaw quicker, but it takes up less space and doesn't leave a jumbled mess off irregular blocks of meat, like traditional methods once you start to remove a few items.

    I would extend this to other meat in the freezer too. I buy chicken breast in bulk, trim it, divide it into portions, and freeze it flat in bags.

    always portion your meals and meats.
    Nothing worse than having to partially defrost to take a chunk out of the pack and put the rest back in, causing freezer burn...

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