Firefox For Windows 8 Delayed Again

Delays are a natural, often unavoidable aspect of software development, be it through a lack of manpower, difficult to diagnose bugs or feature creep. One delay isn’t so bad, but multiple ones can start to raise eyebrows, as is the case with the Windows 8-friendly version of Firefox, which has again been pushed back.

As Konrad Krawczyk at Digital Trends reports, Firefox for Windows 8 was originally slated for December 10 last year, before slipping to January 21. Now, the date for the “Forecasted Release Version” has been updated to March 18, providing Mozilla with significantly more breathing room than it had before.

While the world will continue spinning without a Metro-tweaked version of Firefox, one has to wonder what’s prompted the developer to shuffle around the release date so much. In any case, you can still download it and try the current build yourself by grabbing Firefox Aurora and following the steps provided by Mozilla.

Firefox/Metro [Mozilla, via Digital Trends]


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