Find Unadvertised Job Openings With A Clever Google Search

Job openings at many companies aren't advertised externally — they appear on online company noticeboards but aren't placed on job sites like Seek or farmed out to recruiters, and may not even be visible to people outside the company. However, you can find those vacancies with the right Google search techniques.

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To uncover those unadvertised openings, what you need is a little Google-fu. The folks at Glassdoor explain that searching applicant tracking systems can produce information on jobs that might not be broadly visible. One of the most commonly used systems is used by Taleo, and searching its site can produce useful results:

In the Google search below, I am asking Google to look only on the website (where their system hosts various unadvertised jobs that are typically obtainable when a jobseeker does a search on a company's careers website). I do this when I search: "" Afterward, I ask Google to find only those webpages that have "careers" in the title. This is what "intitle:careers" means. Finally, I add in the job title "programmer" because that is the job I am looking for. Of course, just adding a job title is giving me too many broad results. I narrow it down by adding more keywords like "SAS" and "macro."

That is, to search all sites using Taleo, use a search like this: intitle:careers JOBTITLE OTHERIMPORTANTWORDS

You can repeat the process for any other applicant tracking systems you know are in wide use, such as Kenexa's BrassRing ( Hit the link below to read more, and see some sample searches:

How to Find Unadvertised Jobs [Glassdoor Blog]


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