Fantastical 2 Updates With New Font Support And Navigation Options

Fantastical 2 Updates with New Font Support and Navigation Options

iPhone: Fantastical, our favourite calendar app for the iPhone, updated over the weekend with new features. It now includes better support for system-wide fonts and a slightly tweaked navigation option.

Fantastical now respects iOS 7's system wide "Bold Text" (found in Settings > General > Accessibility) that makes it so text is a bit easier to read. More importantly, navigation's been cleaned up a bit. Now you can hold the "Back" button in the app and you'll be taken all the way back to the first menu, which is a heck of a lot better than the several taps you'd have to make before. A few other minor things were added as well, including more reliability from the app's icon badge and new capitalisation behaviour when you're typing reminders.

Fantastical [iTunes App Store]


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