Exercise Like A Jedi, Superhero Or Warrior With Free Workout Posters

Exercise Like a Jedi, Superhero, or Warrior with Free Workout Posters

Getting a little bored of your usual workout routine? Here are nearly 100 workout posters that will motivate you to train like Rocky, workout with the strength of Thor, or simply switch up your exercises.

The workouts are offered by fitness guru Neila Rey and updated weekly. One day you can do the Flash workout and build your endurance; the next, challenge yourself to get Bruce Lee Abs. All of the exercises require no equipment, and a couple can be done sitting on the couch or in your office. Most of all, have fun. It helps to imagine you're holding a lightsabre during the Jedi workout, or training as if your life depended on it in the Hunger Games one.

Neila's also got lots of other great resources on her site, such as exercise challenges, so be sure to check around after saving the workouts you like.

Visual Workouts [Neila Rey via GeekDad]


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